Busy winter

Hello long time! winter has gone very quickly and I have been very busy preparing Galiana withsecure for the ocean globe race. But now the preparations are ready and tomorrow the first leg of the ocean globe race starts from Southampton to Cape Town woohoo!! 🌎⛵️ but for the globe 5.80 project, in the midst of all the rush, I have ordered a lot of parts ready so that when I arrive in Finland I have as many parts ready as possible. I got a 3D model of the skeg from another builder (big thanks for that), which I was able to print ready for the skeg mold. here is the finished 3d model of the skeg I also ordered stainless steel package. And thanks to Piotr Czarniecki who make my handles, swimming steps, handrails, bow and stern rail.  Last but not least I got my mast and blue shark package:) just before I left in Finland. And now everything is ready when I come back to globe 5.80 project 😁


 Hi i'm just starting my class globe 5.80 project with my dad.  he is a great help in the construction project.  Before the official construction of the boat, I will participate in the Ocean globe race in September, so I will put the construction on hold for a while and continue again when I return to Finland.  My plans are to build a keel and a skeg before I leave, we'll see how it goes :) I'm also ordering a lot of parts for storage so I can get to work right away when I get back.  I am really excited about the Class Globe 5.80 boat and I am really looking forward to building the boat :)